Epoxy Flooring 

Solid coloured epoxies are universally loved for their ease of cleaning and the professional image they portray in any space they are applied. 

Common Uses 

Domestic garages

create first impressions, add value to your home and reduce time spent cleaning 

warehousing & storage  

Create professional space and reduce maintenance and cleaning costs

food grade

Specialised food grade coatings designed for processing, preparing & hot/cold storage 

workshops & manufacturing 

chemically resistant coatings designed for harsh working environments, designed to keep cleaning and functionality optimal 

Can I pick the Colour? 

Yes you can! 

epoxy colours are customisable just like standard paint! colour can be selected off our colour charts to create your dream surface.  

Finding the right epoxy for you. 

Epoxies can be suited to most budgets and purposes. 



Not all Epoxies are the same & just because it has epoxy in the product title does not mean it is suitable for all every environment or purpose. 

Raw Surfaces pride our selves on finding the right epoxy surface for you & your needs. 

To do this, we require a clearly defined architectural scope or meeting where we can assess how your space will be used to suit the epoxy coating system to you and your life, setting real-world expectations built on experience. 

Dreaming of your next surface?

Lets create it together.