Epoxy coatings are universally renowned for their strength incredible versatility to transform nearly any surface, serving for both function and design across multiple sectors and industries. 

Let's work together to find the right epoxy for you. 

epoxy flake
industrial epoxy
epoxy flake
epoxy flake
epoxy flake
epoxy flake

Epoxy coatings main difference from conventional paints is their chemical make up.

Epoxy is comprised of two key component materials, a polyamine hardener and epoxy resin.  Once combined these 2 products make for a extremely hard wearing highly chemically resistant surface.  

Epoxies versatility can also be its demise NOT ALL EPOXIES ARE THE SAME. 

This is largely due to the generalisation that is placed on the "name". This why we place such an emphasis on your needs to find an epoxy system which is best suited your projects demands. i.e

Solid Colour Epoxy

 Available in multiple forms to suit a vartifty of environments these specialised roll coat epoxies are commonly found in garages, warehousing, manufacturing for their low maintenance and functionality.  

Epoxy Flake





A highly functionally designer epoxy surface. That is loved by many for its customisable designs & strength 

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Common questions about epoxy coating 

How to pick the right epoxy for you

What is the process  

Concrete grinding to remove surface contaminates and add "Key" to the surface to allow the epoxy to stick too.

patch large holes and cracks ​

Mechanical grouting (optional) depending on finish to reduce the porosity of the concrete. 

(please note; grouting parameters are lower on a grind and seal than on a mechanically polished finish. Grind and Seal typically achieves filling 70-90% of the total amount of pinholes on the floor.

 Fine grinding required to remove any excess grout (if required)

Cleaning, to remove any excess dust and debris prior to coating

priming application.


application of selected Epoxy coating system 

allow surface to cure as per manufacture specification 

Total time 

how long does the average 100sqm project take 

Actual time

(Is the total project time including associated down time)

 total time can range from 6-16 days) time is subject to site conditions product specification and weather. 

-  Epoxy coating may have light foot traffic after 1-2 days depending on temperature and manufacturer specifications. 


-  Complete dry time is generally 3-10 days before regular traffic may resume. 

These times are subject change in-accordance with manufacturers recommendations & Technical Data Sheets provided by each individual manufacturer.