Project duration VS actual time what is the difference 

Project duration refers to the estimated time spent on site (this is the most common time frame mentioned),


Where actual time refers to the total amount of time including any time where the surface should not be used to dry/cure this is to follow to manufactures guidelines and is the actual total time.  

This is the true duration of the project 

Project duration

(the time taken to complete the works) 

can vary due to a number of factors  such as

  • site conditions,

  • chosen epoxy  

  • concrete condition 

  • temperature

On average a 100sqm project will take 3-6 days for a single operator to grind and apply the coating, 

at the recommended microns or coverage rates as per manufacturer specifications. 

 (generally achieved over 2-3 coats when used correctly.)  


Actual time

(Is the total project time including associated down time)

 total time can range from 6-16 days) time is subject to site conditions product specification and weather. 

-  Complete dry time is generally 3-10 days before regular traffic may resume. 

These times are subject change in-accordance with manufacturers recommendations & Technical Data Sheets provided by each individual manufacturer. 

-  Some epoxy coatings may have light foot traffic after 1-2 days depending on temperature and manufacturer specifications.