Epoxy Flake 

epoxy flake

Epoxy flake surfaces can transform even the most unsightly surfaces

into modern, customisable &

durable modern masterpieces 

Renowned for its strength, customisation, versatility & sleek style Epoxy flake has it all.  Epoxy flake can be used both internally and externally and transform all most any space. 

Why choose epoxy flake?


customisable durability to suit your surfaces demands, choose the epoxy that is right for you 


meet your design brief!

Pick the base and flake colour that is right for your style 


Epoxy flake give both the applicator and the customer more freedom and control for design and function than other types of polished/decorative concrete

reduce your cleaning time!

make cleaning a breeze with a your next seamless floor, a simple dry/wet mop any your done!


with the correct preparation and products epoxy flake and transform almost any surface into a seamless modern masterpiece

Find Your Style.

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