Epoxy Process 

  1.  Site meeting to assess the performance requirements of your surface (find the right epoxy for your space) 

  2. Concrete grinding to remove surface contaminants and add "Key" to the surface to allow the epoxy to stick too.

  3. grind edges for general flatness and key 

  4. grind & detail corners level with floor 

  5. patch large holes and cracks ​

  6.  Mechanical grouting (optional) depending on the finish to reduce the porosity of the concrete. 

  7. (please note; grouting parameters achieves filling 50-70% of the total amount of pinholes on the surface.

  8. Fine grinding required to remove any excess grout or patches 

  9. Cleaning, to remove any excess dust and debris prior to coating

  10. priming application.

  11. application of selected Epoxy coating system (steps will vary & be outlined in project-specific scope) 

  12. allow the surface to cure or dry as per manufacture specification