Picking the right epoxy for you?

Selecting your next surface whether it is epoxy, polished concrete or grind and seal is a big deal but is easy to do with the right guidance. 

It's really just like buying a car, at the end of the day they all have 4 wheels and drive so the real choice is picking the one that's right for your lifestyle, needs, predicated life cycle ongoing maintenance costs & price range.  

Surfaces are similar they are all just surface that needs to be picked under the same criteria since there is so much variation between; 

  • existing surface conditions

  •  functionality

  •  durability

  •  suitability,

  • level of refinement

  •  predicted life cycle

  • ongoing maintenance costs


All of these things vary from surface to surface & ultimately affect the price. 

The 9 Questions For Success 


how long will I be in this property? 


what demands will be placed on my surface? chemical, cars, food ect


what environment is my surface in? commercial, residential, warehousing and storage, manufacturing, food processing/preparation ect


Slip resistance, am I bound by guidelines for an r/p rating for slip requirements? 


Ease of cleaning/ maintaining


Is my surface exposed to sunlight? does it need to be UV stable 


What is my design brief? how do I want the surface too  look?


is my surface inside or out side? 


how much preparation does my surface need to meet my goals and the products guidelines