Grind and Seal Polished Concrete

Grind & seal polished concrete can transform any concrete surface into architectural statement pieces to visually enhance any space. 

  • This timeless look is achieved by grinding the cement to reveal the aggregate or stone and then sealed with a topical sealer to both protect the concrete from life and enhance the concretes natural colours and features. 

  • Grind & seal or cut & coat achieve a similar look to MPC or HIPER floor but with a lower upfront cost to MPC or HIPER floor polished concrete, on average Grind & seal polished concrete can be 30% cheaper making it the most economic form of polished concrete on the market. 

polished concrete bathroom
Honed concrete
grind and seal polished concrete
honed concrete
pavilion finish
polished concrete man cave
concrete sealer
polished concrete garage
polished concrete man cave
honed concrete
polished concrete
rustic polished concrete

1. Intro

Grind and seal polished concrete is where the trend for polished concrete all started.

As the name implies this is the process of grinding & sealing of the concrete with a topical sealer. 


  • Grinding; is used to reveal the stone in the cement & to clean and prepare the surface so the coating can adhere to the surface.

  • Coating; topical sealers are applied to both protect the concrete from life and enhance the concretes natural colours, features & beauty. ​


  • ability to select GLOSS level

  • cost effective

  • easily cleaned & maintained 

  • internal and external uses 

  • slip ratings from R10

  • internal and external uses 

  • ability to select how much or little stone/aggregate shows (on qualifying concrete) 

  • both UV & non UV stable 

  • re-coating depends on usage 

  • suitable for cafes and restaurants with compliance restraints 

2. Types Of Grind & Seal 

Grind & seal comes in many forms all serving a there own purposes for design, function, environment type, budget, and to suit certain types of concrete that may have inherent issues 

hybrid water based coating

A Raw Surfaces exclusive surface. 

Designed to be versatile & hardwearing form of polished concrete with low VOC. 

water based coatings leave your surface looking lighter and brighter 


matte finsih polished concrete
Honed Concrete

Tired of sharp exposed aggregate? Honed polished concrete is quickly becoming the go to surface for a low maintenance external areas 

external polished concrete
solvent based

Solvents are possibly the most common sealer used with the concrete polishing coating industry & have been used for many years. Solvents are renowned for 3 key things - 

1. Strength  

2. Deep colour enhancements 

3. Oder unfortunately they do smell very stronge! 

grind and seal polished concrete