Hiperfloor or Mechanically Polished Concrete (MPC).

What is the difference? 

A commonly asked question Is there a difference between these two surfaces? 

Visually to the untrained eye, NO ABSOLUTELY NOT.

In short, there is no difference between mechanically polished concrete & a HiperFloor. 

The key "difference is "branding and training program." 


- Hiperfloor is a "system" owned by Husqvarna.  Husqvarna only allows trained, certified/accredited applicators to complete a Hiperfloor.  In addition to this, only Husqvarna products may be used. Unless these criteria are meet the surface is not a genuine Hiperfloor. 

- MPC/Mechanically polished Concrete is a generic term for this method and allows the operator to select their own products, there is no formal training to complete MPC meaning results can vary from operator to operator


Both of these methods are ultimately the process of:

Grinding, chemically treating the cement with grouts, densifiers, polishing resins & sealing with penetrating sealer to "create the surface" rather than relying on topical sealers for protecting and colour enhancement.