Surface Preparation

Do you have BIG plans for your old or new concrete? 

Correctly preparing your concrete is detrimental to your next surfaces life long success!


1. Intro 

Floor or surface preparation is needed to prepare the your surface for its next purpose, 

Under Australian standard 1884 and product tds all floor coverings over concrete require at least one form of preparation this is true for both new and old concrete. 

To create a clean usable surface for new:  (coverings, coatings)

Another common use is to rectify new or old concrete from a variety of defects. 

Common forms surface preparation are:

  • Diamond grinding 

  • Sanding 

  • Chemical prep 

  • Shot blasting 

  • Scarifying

2. When 

​Floor preparation is needed when:​

  • Recommended by product installation guides 

  • Recommended for all concrete floors that are to have a floor covering or coating applied & fall under Australian standard 1884. 

  • Grinding to clean and smooth the surface to allow for various coatings and coverings to adhere to. 

  • Removal of existing coatings, leveller & various other floor coverings 

  • Floor levelling & flattening via grinding and levelling compounds or grinding.  

  • End of lease agreements 

3. Where & Why 

Adequate floor preparation ensures that your surface is ready for its next purpose. 


This is achieved by grinding surface or "substrate" to create a clean surface and can also be used to remove hight/level issues.

Grinding also creates "key" (small scratches) for a new covering to bind & allows coatings and binding agents to absorb into the concrete.  ​

Common examples of foreign contaminates are:

  • Paint

  • Plaster

  • Dirt

  • Grime

  • Rust 


  • home renovations 

  • office Renovations 

  • new construction 

  • warehousing

  •  storage 

  • manufacturing 

  • commercial environments 

  • government departments 

  • industrial environments 

Anywhere with a  surface that require preparation for rectification or compliance.