Concrete & Hard Surface Protective Sealers and Treatments  

Do you want to maximise your concrete's or natural stones life & make cleaning and general maintenance easy?

Or need to chemically treat your concrete or surface? i.e. (moisture, dust proofing, efflorescence ect) 

If this is the case, let's find the right surface treatment for you! 

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concrete and natural surface treatments are chemicals that are professionally applied to protect your concrete/ natural surface


  1. enhance the life span of the concrete/surface

  2. Reduce cleaning time and ongoing maintenance costs of this nature. 

  3.  Prepare concrete for other coverings, i.e. carpet, vinyl ect for product compliances or Australian standard 1884.  

  4. Treat concrete issues such as effluences 

  5. reducing staining 


Surface treatments are used for function rather than decorative purposes. 

Common Uses: 

Floor treatments have many purposes and identifying what you want to achieve is key to a successful surface.

Examples of why surface treatments commonly used are:

  1. Reduce cleaning time & costs reduce/eliminating dusting caused by your surface

  2. Reduces or eliminates crystalline silica dusting

  3. Increase surface strength

  4. Reduce surface cracking 

  5. Moisture proofing 

  6. Enhanced stain resistance  

  7. Reduce possible efflorescence 

  8. Anti-bacterial properties 
  9. Restsance to moulds

10.  Resistance to fungi

11.   Resistance to microbes

12.  Permanent waterproofing

       Curing and protection

13.   Improved stain resistance from oils

14.   Enhanced cure regime (new concrete)

15.   Additional protection for steel reinforcement from corrosion.

16.   As recommended by product installation guides 

17.   Recommended for all concrete floors that are to have a floor covering or coating applied & fall under the Australian standard 1884.     

When is the best time to protect, seal or treat your surface? 

Surface treatments are best applied shortly after the concrete is pored or the surface is laid.

This is when the concrete/surface is clean and untouched and is able to freely absorb into the surface. 

Early application of surface treatments also reduces or eliminates crystalline silica dusting, staining & reduces time spent cleaning.  

Older surfaces are still able to be treated however the surface will require adequate surface preparation

sealed concrete

Recommended  Environments

  • New & existing concrete surfaces

  • new or existing natural stone surfaces

  • Domestic environments 

  • pool surrounds

  • pathways 

  • balconies & alfresco 

  • Internal use

  • External use 

  • Medical (age care, hospitals, ect) 

  • Food-grade environments. 

  • Production, Processing & Manufacturing 

  • Civil construction i.e foot paths & bridges 

  • Cold storage & freezing facilities 

  • Commercial environments

  • Car parks 

  • Warehousing 

Recommended Surfaces 

All Concrete & Natural Stone Surfaces