Raw Surfaces Story

Raw Surfaces' vision is clear:

We want to change a broken industry.


To ensure we achieve this, we take a bespoke approach to what is currently in the market. We follow three simple yet effective points to create your dream surface. 

  1. DESIGN  

  2. CREATE 


Raw Surfaces' individualised approach to every client is based on the belief that a surface needs to be


  • DESIGNED specifically to you & the concrete or surface you have. Considering all your requirements (design, vision, lifestyle, and possible environmental issues), ensure your vision can be met.  This is learnt during our one on one consultation & than documented in a project-specific plan to give you the tools to measure your project's success.  

  • CREATED by an industry professional that understands how every concrete surface is different, leaving behind the generic approach to concrete. Creating a LONG term solution by effectively altering the concretes chemical design. Our years of industry-specific knowledge allow us to craft your surface; true concrete polishing is so much more than simply grinding concrete which anybody can do concrete polishing is a craft and science not too distant from stone masonry this is where Raw surfaces truly excel. 

  • MAINTAIN  Raw Surfaces provides you with the products tools and knowledge to maintain your surface correctly for its entire life!

We know a surface is a lifetime commitment so you should have the products and knowledge to maximise the life of your surface; this is why we create the Raw Surfaces Complete Care department. Partnering with industry leaders like Karcher 

 NOTE: Polished concrete and other decorative concrete surfaces SHOULD NOT be maintained like general concrete! 

At Raw Surfaces, we take the time to learn about you and how you live. We identify your objectives and tailor the surface to your specific needs. We do this by providing you with a comprehensive obligation free quote. 

We will provide you with a step by step outline of our method and ensure that outcomes and deliverables are understood before we commence work. Our intention is for you to understand what our process is but also what the final result will be. 

We endeavour to break stigmas and resolve unclear definitions that surround our business. For example “polished concrete” is offered in many different ways without proper explanations and guidance, and so this grey area often leads to dissatisfaction towards project outcomes.   
Our mission is to change these patterns and provide a unique customer experience.

This is why RAW SURFACES was born. 


Raw Surfaces builds relationships and successful projects with open, honest, clear communication

Our Difference

The Raw Surfaces difference is our individualised approach toward every project & client. 

We learn about what you truly want to achieve for both function and design. 

To do this effectively, all projects require site inspection & an initial meeting to gain a thorough understanding of:  

  • Primary needs 

  • Design requirements

  • Design expectations

  • Environmental issues

​These variables are assessed before any surfaces are even suggested. This individual approach allows us to use our knowledge of surfaces to best match the surface with your lifestyle and requirements. 

Raw Surfaces looks at all aspects of the surface to achieve success. We look at:

  • Measurable processes, with clear goals and expectations 

  • Defined scopes of work 

  • Chemistry of designer surfaces to fully understand how they work to optimise longevity and performance

  • Surfaces environmental capabilities

  • Incorporation of project management practices into all of our projects that have been learnt through relative degrees

  • Use of a broad range of suppliers giving us the ability to use materials that are suited to design and use requirements

polished concrete bedroom

Creating your next surface together

We are with you from day one to find the best surface for you. Utilize our, knowledge website tools or networks to find a surface that meets your functional and design goals. 

white polished concrete

Understandable quality management 

We take the stress out of Quality management, all of our projects come with a detailed project plan, clearly explain what we are actually providing.  This means you always know what you will be getting 

Professional craftsmanship 

At Raw Surfaces we don't grind concrete we craft it. Treating every surface with the love and attention, concrete needs and deserves. 

white polished concrete

Polished concrete & hard surfaces, cleaning and maintenance  solutions & products 

Polished Concrete requires special care.  Raw Surfaces has reversed engineered all products and techniques to suit polish concrete and hard surfaces to maximise their lifespan and make cleaning easier and stylish 

polished concrete bathroom

The Raw Surfaces Promise

At Raw Surfaces, creating unique concrete surfaces is our craft, and we pride ourselves on our in-depth product knowledge and high-quality craftsmanship of every surface we touch.

  We value every customer as an individual, and our is our promise to treat you as such. 

Just like your surface, we understand that every person's expectations are different; this is why we choose to build a surface around you rather than tell you what we think they want to hear. 

 Always valuing the truth above all else to set honest, realistic exceptions of what is achievable within your parameters.