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Transforming your floors walls and ceilings into core design features of your home is what we do best.

About Us
Transforming Your Floors Walls & Ceilings Into Functional Pieces Of Art 



Raw Surfaces is founded on a wealth of practical and technical knowledge and precision artistry of Microcements and Polished Concrete built over ten years of project and industry experience.

Working directly with Architects, Designers, Builders & Home Owners, our mission is to bring your vision to life by creating unique surfaces in homes, hospitality, retail and commercial space. 

Raw Surfaces is an installer of premium Microcement & Polished Concrete surfaces based on the Mornington Peninsula. We are committed to helping you create inspirational surfaces that become foundational design features of your home, hospitality, retail and commercial space.

burnished concrete
classic concrete microcement

Professional Microcement & Polished Concrete Installer With One Key Difference. 

We understand that when choosing your Floor, Wall & ceiling finishes, you are making a considerable commitment. 

At Raw Surfaces, we are committed to taking you on a journey, ensuring you are making informed decisions with a true understanding of your new Microcement or Polished Concrete surfaces ensuring each surface's suitability for you and your specific needs and the functional and design demands that will be put on the specific type of Microcement or Polished Concrete

Xbond microcement source seamless imports

Create Spaces That Make You Feel Calm, Inspired & Comfortable 

Ensuring safety and sustainability is our top priority at Raw Surfaces. Despite the mess that often comes with construction, our portable, on-site air filtration systems and industrial vacuums effectively eliminate 95% of airborne dust. Our equipment is also designed to operate quietly, allowing for easy conversation during use. 


We believe in providing finishes that last a lifetime, rather than short-term solutions. With countless brands and subterms available for Microcement & Polished Concrete finishes, we've extensively tested and monitored our finishes to ensure long-lasting, low-maintenance results for all our clients. Quick-fix solutions are not in our vocabulary. 

Safety & Sustainability. 

Honed concrete

Accreditations & Partners 

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