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External Polished Concrete
Honed & Pavillion finish 

Have you ever wanted polished concrete outside because you have the way exposed aggregate feels underfoot but have been too worried to commit to the idea because it will be too slippery? 

Worry no more; we have the solution for you. 

Honed or pavilion finish is the external equivalent of "polished concrete" without the high slip factor.

Honed concrete

Honed Concrete or Pavillion Finish, what is the difference? And which one is right for you?

Honed Concrete & pavilion Finish are both suitable external surfaces but there is a difference between these two surfaces which will effect your choice 

Honed Concrete 

Honed concrete uses the texture from the fine "scratch left by the grinder to create a minor texture on the surface for anti-slip


  •  Grouted, our grouting process fills 50-70% of naturally occurring aeration holes in your concrete; this gives a more refined look and makes cleaning easier

  • feel amazing underfoot 

  • mild colour enhancement for a more natural look 

  • no anti-slip additive is required that will wear out with time and make cleaning impossible 

  • additional chemical treatments to increase internal moisture tolerance 



  • this external finish has a lower slip rating than other finishes

Honed concrete

Pavillion finish

Pavillion finish is the perfect balance between traditional exposed aggregate and honed concrete. 

This unique process uses both concrete grinding and acid washing to create a soft yet highly antislip surface. 



  • highest possible antislip surfaces

  • does not require anti-slip additives 

  • softer than traditional exposed aggregate  

  • modern look 


  • can be harder to clean than honed concrete due to the additional texture 

  • grouting is not possible, meaning all pinholes will be visible in your surface 

Type Of Surface
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