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burnished concrete

Find The Perfect Microcement Polished Concrete Surface

For centres, terrazzo, solid renders, plasters, and concrete have been the pinnacle of luxury.

Architecturally and professionally designed homes, hospitality, retail and commercial spaces. 

Raw Surfaces Premium Xbond Microcement, Hiperfloor Polished Concrete & Honed Concrete surfaces

are the 21st century's take on these classic surfaces and will transform any space into a thing beauty, seamlessly connecting every part of your space. 

white  microcement bathroom
xbond bathroom
microcement floors
Xbond microcement source seamless imports

Modern architecture and designs best kept secrete is out!  

Transforming boring floors walls, ceilings and joinery into artistic features of your home.

Microcement can be used both internally and externally in both wet and dry areas 

polished concrete burnished finish
Hiperfloor polished concrete

Transform almost any concrete surface into a showpiece of your home. With genuine scratch-proof luxury polished concrete, with no nasty topical sealers required. 

External polished concrete
pool polished concrete
external polished concrete
polished concrete

Honed Concrete is your luxury polished concrete solution for outside your home with increased slip resistance without additives that will wear away 

External polished concrete 

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