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boardroom with polished concrete

How To Clean Polished Concrete

A comprehensive guide on how to clean your new polished concrete floors, walls, ceilings and joinery & the best cleaning products to use on polished concrete

To ensure the longevity of your polished concrete, it is essential to use specific cleaning products and accessories.


By utilizing these specific products, you will save time and money, and your polished concrete will also maintain its beautiful and clean appearance for years to come. 

high gloss polished concrete
polished concrete living room

To clean your polished concrete we recommend using at least one of the wet and dry accories listed lebow for your polished concrete

  1. Dry Microfibre Mop

  2. Spray Microfibre Mop 

  3. Soft Bristle Broom

  4. Vaccume With A Hardfloor Cleaning Head (microfibre)

  5. Spong Mop

  6. White scotch pad (heavy cleaning only) 

Do not use steam cleaners 

Cleaning polished concrete is quick and easy with the right products 

  1. Raw Surfaces Polished Concrete and Hard Surface Cleaner (best fastest results) 

  2. warm water 

  3. Ph Neutral Cleaner

Do not use, acids i.e vingar lemon juice, alklines .ie bleach solvents i.e metho ONLY USE ph neutral cleaners on polished concrete surfaces

  1. Immediate Cleaning Is Required - if an accident or a spill happens, wipe it off your Polished Concrete immediately with a damp cloth or with our spray and wipe polished concrete & hard surface cleaner. 

  2. General Cleaning (daily or regular) - Use a dry microfibre mop, soft bristle broom or hard floor vacuum to remove dirt, dust, pet hair and debris. This will keep your polished concrete feeling fresh and help reduce possible scratching and scuffing. 

  3.  Ph Neutral Cleaning (weekly or as required) - mopping or wiping your polished concrete with  Polished Concrete & hard surface cleaning solution will breakdown and clean greases, mildew, mould, oils and odours that are a part of life; again, if you spill something clean it up straight away. (if you cannot access our polished concrete and hard surface cleaning solution, only ph-neutral cleaner may be used. 

  • The frequency of "general cleaning" on Polished concrete will depend on use. High-traffic areas will require more regular cleaning.

  • spills/accidents on polished concrete must be cleaned immediately

  • do not leave spills on polished concrete for extended periods

  • do not use any cleaning solution that is not ph neutral on polished concrete

  • do not clean polished concrete with anything acidic i.e. lemon juice or vinegar do not clean with bleach, mould killer or ammonia or standard concrete cleaners

  • do not use abrasive cleaners such as jiff or Gumption polished concrete

  • Do not leave pooling water on your polished concrete 

Polished concrete Living room

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