Polished Concrete.



Mechanically Polished Concrete (MPC)

Style, Luxury, Lifespan.

The 3 reasons why (Mechanically polished concrete MPC or Hiperfloor), are the preferred concrete surface for architects, builders and experienced renovators.


That are looking to transform or create a concrete surface in a floor that envied by all 

polished concrete fire place
polished concrete garage
white polished concrete
white polished concrete
high gloss polished concrete
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polished concrete
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Urban polished concrete
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Mechanically polished concrete or Hiperfloor is "polished concrete" in the truest form providing users with a luxurious sustainable surface. 

Mechanically Polished concrete is the process of Grinding chemically treating, refining & polishing your concrete to become the wear surface. This means there is nothing scratch or scuff off the surface, making it extremely durable and fit for life. 

In incense, we transform the structural makeup of the concrete to create one large tile. 


  • sustainable 

  • luxurious high-end design

  • UV stable 

  • pet friendly 

  • scratch resistant 

  • low VOC 

  • hardest wearing form of polished concrete


Mechanically polished concrete can be used in most areas, and can transform 99% of concrete slabs into a surface you are proud to look at 

  • Any new or old concrete 

  • internal usage only (for compliance reasons) or R9 slip rating or lower.

  • homes

  • showers and bathrooms 

  • offices

  • showrooms

  • garages 

  • factories and warehouses 

  • high traffic areas 

  • cafes 

  • many more 

Styles of mechanically polished concrete

Mechanically Polished is available in a variety of gloss levels and exposure levels to achieve your design  

Terrazzo or Fully Exposed

Classic terrazzo design with the added benefits of modern architecture and technology

Urban Or Random Exposure

Low to medium stone exposure creating both an organic or natural feel to your space. 

Natural Concrete Or Nil Exposure

Show casing the concretes naturals tones and features, revealing little to no aggregate. 

This surface creates an luxurious organic surface or industrial space. 

white polished concrete

Time & cost 

The time & cost taken to mechanically polish concrete will vary on every project following these guidelines.

Concrete is a modern form of natural stone, this is why we do not follow a single pass step by step system as this approach does not achieve consistent results that meet scope exceptions.


Raw Surfaces pricing & time is project-specific to ensure we meet the measurable outlined in our scope of works. 

This is why we follow a process with indicators that we meet before proceeding to the next step rather than a system that does not actually have relative metrics. 


This allows us to create/manufacture your raw concrete into a long-lasting natural surface created with in-depth knowledge of multiple brands and the associated chemistry to achieve our promise. 

 Variables are:

  • project complexity & details i.e stairs, verticals, layout, shower bases,   

  • how many lineal meters of edges there are

  •  concrete condition MPA directly affects the amount of consumables that are used (chemical & diamonds), low or incorrect quantities can lead to long term issues

  • scope - the written agreed upon expectation,

  • location 

  • agreed-upon time frame (if applicable) 

  • stone exposure (Not every concrete slab meets surface requirements for all levels of stone exposure) 


Generally, a project with well-placed concrete undergoes around 25-40 processes to achieve our standards.



100sqm Mechanically Polished Concrete surface can take 5 - 9 standard working days in a domestic environment for a single operator to complete. 

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