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polished concrete living room

Transforming the orinary into the extorinary 

Polished concrete has been beloved by homeowners, architects & designers for years, due to its versatility, strength and timeless design. 

Unfortunately, polished concrete has just become nothing more than a descriptive for multiple forms of decorative concrete surfaces.

This often causes much confusion with specific finishes and price variations in the industry.  


Genuine Polished concrete or Hiperfloor is "polished concrete" in the truest form.


Genuine Polished Concrete is a soft, smooth, luxurious sustainable surface that does not scratch, discolour or wear like classic coated forms of "polished concrete" or non-genuine imitations.  

"Polished Concrete" is the process of Grinding, grouting, chemically hardening, refining & polishing and sealing with a penetrating sealer of your concrete. To turn your concrete into the finished surface. 

Polishing Concrete this way means there is nothing to scratch or scuff off the surface, making it extremely durable and fit for family and business life. 


Simply put we transform the structural makeup of the concrete to create one large seamless tile.

polished concrete gym floor

Not All Polished Concrete Is Equal 

Not all "polished concrete" is the same or equal!  

Over the years, many different imitations or variations of polished concrete have come out as a general rule if the surface is sealed with an epoxy, polyurethane, or acrylic surface sealer or is rendered, it is not a genuine polished concrete floor and will have a completely different texture, feel and will age entirely differently compared to a genuine polished concrete surface.

Polished Concrete Frequently Asked Questions 

Where Can I Use Polished Concrete? Genuine polished concrete is only suitable for internal surfaces.

What Polished Concrete system do you use? At Raw Surfaces we are full accredited installers of the husqvana hiperfloor system which is currently being rebranded as "supafloor"

What is the difference between polished concrete and grind and seal genuine polished concrete is the process of strengthening refining your concrete with multiple penetrating products. to turn the concrete into the finished surface. it does not need to be redone for a minium of 10years depending on traffic a grind and seal or epoxy coating uses a topical sealer to protect the concrete (this generally needs to be completly redo every 3-7 years depending on traffic

Can I choose the colour of my Polished Concrete? Yes & No if you are pouring your own concrete you can request specific concrete colour and stones. once the concrete is in place we have no control of the colour

Are there different types of textures or finishes? when done correctly all genuine is glassy smooth. polished concrete different gloss leveles and stone exposure levels.

can i pick how much stone comes out? in most cases yes but you are limited by the quality and general flatness of your concrete

 Polished Concrete Designs & Styles 

Terrazzo - Full Exposure

classic timeless terrazzo style 

Classic terrazzo design with the added benefits of modern architecture and technology

95-100% of aggregate will be revealed 

polished concrete kitchen_edited.jpg
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Natural - Burnished. 

Perfect for minimal organic design

Show casing the concretes naturals tones and features, revealing little to no aggregate. 

This surface creates an luxurious organic surface or industrial space. 

0-5% of aggregate will be revealed

burnished concrete
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Urban - Random Exposure 

rustic and industrial style 

Low to medium stone exposure creating both an organic or natural feel to your space. 

5-95% of aggriage will be revealed

polished concrete living room_edited.jpg
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