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A Modern Twist Of A Timeless Surface

Quality Architects, designers and astute homeowners are changing the way we look the floors, walls and ceilings. 

 Microcement blends traditional artisan craftsmanship with contemporary style  to achieve artistic surfaces everybody loves to look at 

Xbond Microcement is an exceptional rendering material that delivers outstanding performance. Microcement's versatility makes it the ideal choice for use on floors, walls, ceilings, and joinery, both in dry and wet areas in both new and existing properties. Thanks to a specialised polymer-modified liquid, is a highly flexible material that ensures enhanced structural strength and superior adhesion, surpassing traditional rendering methods.

Xbonds microcement's total thickness is approximately 2-5mm and can be applied to offer multiple substrates such as; Concrete, timber, cement sheeting, plaster and many more. Microcements various application techniques enables the creation of multiple finishes and textures to enhance any property's aesthetic.

Microcement styles & designs 

Microcement is a highly adaptable material that can produce a diverse range of styles.

Whether you prefer a modern, industrial appearance or a more traditional, rustic look, microcement can help you achieve beautiful and distinctive designs for your home or business. Regardless of your desired aesthetic, microcement's extensive selection of colors and finishes allows for endless possibilities in creating a stunning, customized design that is sure to impress..

xbond kitchen
natural microcement

Where Can I Use Microcement? Microcement can be used on walls, floors, ceilings, joinary & furnature

What type of Microcement do you use? At Raw Surfaces we use Xbond microcement. We choose xbond for its long standing history and technical support

Can I use microcement in a bathroom? Absolutely Microcement is pefect for bathrooms, and will create a stunning modern space with NO grout!

Can I choose the colour of my Xbond microcement? Yes! absolutly this is one of the best things about microcement

Are there different types of textures or finishes? Absolutly yes we have4 different finihses that you can choose from

Can i just buy the matterial. No, only accredited applicators can purchas and install Xbond microcement

What is the difference between microcement and render? Rendering is a general term for the application of a product. Microcement is the specific type of product the difference is in the appearence and performance.



Floors - Walls - Ceillings 


A smooth yet textured surface full of movement and tonal variation. Creating seamless surfaces remisant of concrete & natural stone 

black microcement floor
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External Floors - Walls 

Internal Walls 


Achieve a very similar look to Classic only with more texture. Which is perfect for external surfaces and internal walls where more of a granular texture is wanted 

Xbond Microcement  pool surround _edited
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Internal & External



A flat yet highly textural feature wall surface. 

Natural is availble in different levels of "feature" and can be made to look simila to rammed earth or raw off form concrete

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Internal & External



A highly textural surface suitable for walls or floors where extreme texture is wanted this surface shares many of the same qualities as stucco

Xbond mineral finish (source alternative surfaces)
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Xbond microcement colours

click the button below to see the full range of Xbond Microcement colours. 

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Type Of Surface
Type Of Surface
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