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Concrete Densifer



  • Concrete densifiers, what are they?

  • Why should I, as a customer care about them? 

  • Why are they so important? 

  • Are there different types? 


These are all questions you may want to ask or know be for having your concrete polished. 


Densifiers are liquid chemicals that are the most crucial part of making a polished concrete surface last! 

Concrete is a naturally pours material; this is why we need to densify or harden. This process is what gives your concrete its newfound integrity—allowing the "resin polish" to last. 


Densifier reacts with free calcium carbonate in the concrete to create a crystalline structure in the surface internal "pores or matrix" of the concrete referred to as calcium silicate. The calcium silicate structure combined with the chemical reaction that occurs "pores or matrix" of the concrete during densification increases the strength of the surface of the concrete. 


Ultimately, the densifier reacts with the concrete, closing gaps of the concrete's internal structure makes the concrete stronger and polishable. 


simply put 

"your concrete is like a sponge it is the densifiers job to fill the pours, just like water to a sponge"


Quantities and forms matter!  


Concrete is always changing! This means the required quantity of densifier changes on every concrete surface, and only skilled operators like the highly-trained team at Raw Surfaces can read and assess your concrete.)

Under-densified floors will break down and lose structural integrity and gloss retention at exhilarated rates this is a common issue. 

The types of densifier 

There are three kinds of densifier, all of which serve a different purpose and unique roll in completely densifying or filling your concrete to provide long-lasting surfaces. 



Lithium is the smallest size molecule & is designed to instantly react with the surface closing. This is designed to be the final stage of densification. 



Lithium is the smallest molecule of densifier and almost instantly reacts with the surface of your concrete  



Potassium medium size molecule & is universally used by contractors because of its ability to be an. all-round solution. 



Sodium is the largest size molecule and should be used first to fill the base of your concretes pore in "softer of less dense concrte. 

The triangle below represents the cement's pour or matrix and our approach to utilising different sized molecules found in densifiers to completely fill the matrix or pour of your concrete to maximise your polished concrete integrity. 




At Raw Surfaces, we have tried and tested this approach to polished concrete and found results to surpass the industry standard. 

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This is exactly the approach that has been used in this exquisite family orientated home for a young growing family that values quality, space and genuine connection.

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