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Polished & Decorative Concrete Surfaces in Frankston

Raw Surfaces team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect flooring and surfacing to suit your style, need, and budget. Our highly professional staff have polished plenty of concrete floors and throughout Frankston and other Melbourne suburbs. We apply a bespoke approach to ensure we identify your core problems and needs, and by doing so, our team will be able to provide the best flooring and surfacing solutions for you. We create durable and decorative polished concrete surfaces to suit your home design, environment, and lifestyle. We use a range of appropriate techniques to maintain your surface, making it long-lasting.

Our Services

Together, we can transform your dream surfaces into reality. Let’s be cooperative to make a better plan to create the highest quality surfaces and floors, making your spaces look more luxurious and pleasing to the eye. Raw Surfaces provides Frankston with a range of concrete surface services that include:

Polished concrete in Frankston

Concrete grinding in Frankston

Concrete polisher in Frankston

Grind and seal polished concrete services in Frankston

Epoxy Flooring Coatings in Frankston

Surface preparation services in Frankston

Surface treatment services Frankston

Polished concrete surface services in Frankston

Mechanically polished concrete Frankston and many more.

Tell Us Your Needs

Contact our Raw Surfaces team, if you need any professional services related to polished concrete surfaces and flooring in Frankston, Melbourne, Victoria. We are ready to make you happy with our work and real results. 

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