micro cement


Concrete Overlay

Create breath-taking, concrete surfaces in every space & on every surface, without the need for heavy traditional concrete. 

Our MicroCement surfaces create architectural beauty in every space, that will transform your home or given space into an optic spectacle that your family friends & customers will want to spend time in. 

Our unique MicroCement concrete overlay system allows for limitless concrete design possibilities, without the need for any concrete to begin with. 

Microcement is the ultra-versatile alternative to traditional solid plastering technic "Venetian plaster". Handcrafted surfaces of this nature create a truly unique one of a kind surface that can not be copied or replicated and is truly a piece of art. 

microcement wine cellar.JPG

Unrivalled luxury 

 Microcement will create a surface everybody will remember creating a unique talking point in your home.

Architectural concrete surfaces have quickly become the definition of luxury & high-end design. Microcements versatility allows this high level of luxury in almost any environment new or old. 

Microcement colour chart

A Colour to suit every space 

Raw Surfaces offer a world of colour for you to create your dream surface. 

Drawing on inspiration from the world around us, our exclusive colour range showcases natures most decadent colours to bring your home or space to life. 

microcement shower .JPG

A World Of Possibilities 

The only limitation for creating your dream surface is your imagination

With virtually endless applications MicroCement can be applied to  Floors, Walls, Ceilings & even Joinery. 


Crafted by our artisans, we are able to create numerous classic and modern textures. Brings classic touches to modern design. 

In a variety of Locations:

- Internally 

- externally 

- wet areas i.e bathrooms & laundry's