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polished concrete floor cleaner

Cleaning Polished Concrete or any surface should be gentle, safe & straightforward. 

NOT harsh, dirty, toxic & unbalanced.  

After seeing much misguide information & home remedies that actually damage your surface we knew change and clear education was needed. 


Raw Surfaces Polished Concrete & Hard Surface cleaner!

Developed to clean differently Raw Surfaces Polished Concrete & Hard Surface Cleaner,  is made from a balanced soap-free, PH neutral cleaner utilises modern technology to continue to clean for up to 48h after application leaving a clean streak-free surface promising to leave detailed yet gentle clean every time. 

Without the use of any highly acidic, alkaline, caustic chemicals that have been proven to break down degrade and damage polished concrete and a variety of surfaces.  

Raw Surfaces innovative formula has been specifically designed to break down, lift and deodorise organic and inorganic matter from your surface the right way. 

By balancing the Ph levels and using smarter chemistry we have been able to create a product that is safe for almost every surface.

True innovation considers multiple aspects of a product, this is why Raw Surfaces utilises stunning amber recycled plastic bottle to reduce our environmental footprint we are always striving for sustainability. 

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