Are You Cleaning or Damaging Your Surface? 

Did you know polished concrete, coated concrete, natural stone timber and many vinyl floors/surface should NOT be cleaned with many conventional cleaner or home remedies?

Common incorrect cleaning practices or methods can: leave a greasy film across your surface, alter, bleach or yellow your surface.

Or totally break down and your surface leaving it textured, rough & degraded!

Below I will explain how to clean your polished concrete and how not to, ensuring your surface looks amazing for years to come.  

high gloss polished concrete

Traditional cleaning methods are NOT suitable for
polished concrete, natural stone, and most coated surfaces.


This is because they are smooth refined surfaces and most traditional cleaning methods work by break down the stain with harsh acids or alkaline.  Effectively bleaching or removing the surface layer of the concrete or natural stone to removeor hide the stain. 

Unfortunately, this degrades the finish and distorts the colour of the refined surface at the same time however this is not generally noticed on "normal" concrete because the surface is already textured, much unlike the perfectly refined floor or surface in your home. 


These negative effects can happen immediately or progressively with time depending on the strength and usage of the acid or alkaline being used. 

Traditional concrete cleaners and many homemade solutions use concentrated solutions of: 

Acids for removal of: inorganic matter i.e rust 

(etches / textures & dulls/ whiteness the surface)


Alkaline for removal of: organic matter i.e grease, mould or food waste.  

 (bleaches the surface distorting the colour & potential irreversible damage)

The level of Ph determines how corrosive the solution is! To safely clean most surfaces we need a balanced PH. Not too high not too low. A PH of 6.5-7.5 just right

How Most Cleaning Products Work

Soap based cleaning & detergents have been used for many years to clean floors.

The soap is designed to loosen dirt and greases from the surface where they are rinsed into the mop bucket. 


If you have been using this style of cleaner, have you noticed your surface has a film across it that just doesn't go away? 

This is "soap scum" and is a by-product of all soap-based cleaners. Basically, the soap leaves a residue on your surface that is a mixture of dirty water from your mop and soap.


This residue acts like glue, trapping and holding dirt, greases and oils to your surface leaving what looks like a dirty cloudy film over your polished concrete or hard surface. 

Soap or Detergant Cleaning

Common cleaning and household products PH levels: 


Note: Ph levels can often fall within a range of .5 - 1% due to a number of factors 

The New Way To Clean 

The new way to clean!

At Raw surfaces, we know and love all things concrete, coatings & natural stone this is why we created Raw Surfaces Polished Concrete & Hard Surface Cleaner.


To truly care for your Polished Concrete, Coatings & Natural stone you to take the responsibility to correctly clean and maintain your surfaces. 

This is the reason for Raw Surfaces Polished Concrete & Hard Surface Cleaner. 

Precisely designed to solve issues that are common with so many of our competitor's products & home remedies! 

raw surfaces polished concrete and hard

Raw Surfaces Polished Concrete & Hard Surface Cleaner 

Ph Neutral, None Caustic & Streak Free Cleaning 

The future of cleaning

Untitled design-7.png

Raw Surfaces Polished Concrete Cleaner is made to be simple and no corrosive cleaning deeply in the gentilest way. With a balanced PH no harsh chemicals and a no rinse streak free formula we aim to give you more free time with a cleaner home. 


Raw Surfaces Polished Concrete & Hard Surface Cleaner 

Made With Quality Surfactants

Surfactants are a big word but they produce even bigger results.


Our high-quality surfactant loosens dirt, debris, greases and oils from your surface. This providing immediate results and cleans WITHOUT SOAP OR DETERGENT


Outcome: no soap = soap scum build-up problem 1 solved 

Clean smarter & simpler

Raw Surfaces Polished Concrete & Hard Surface Cleaner 

Get A Deeper Clean With Enzymes

The future of cleaning

 Enzymes & how they make our product special.

In short enzymes continue to clean after you have stopped! 

Enzymes are proteins that create chemical reactions that naturally break down odours, worn-in grime, greases, and oils that are found in our skin.   

Fun fact our body's use enzymes to assist in digestion for this same reason


Outcome: =

 Less work for you with cleaner surfaces  

problem 2 solved 

Raw Surfaces Polished Concrete & Hard Surface Cleaner 

Doing Our Bit 

Holding Plant

The future of cleaning

At Raw Surfaces we love nature as much as natural materials, so reduce our environmental impact and yours we have sourece our stunning packing. Forged from recyled plastics in addition to this we only utalising a carbon netral distribution network 

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