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Smile n Co

Microcement walls are used to create a resort like dental studio

In the quaint town of Mornington, you will find store daring to be different. 

Redefining comfort and luxury, creating a new standard, For retail and service-based industry. 

The Smile n Co experience begins from the moment you step in the front door,

where you are swept away from busy main st Morington into a reception area filled with texture, light and warmth. 

The design takes you on holiday to your favourite 5-star Tuscan resort.


You have no idea you are in a dental and beauty clinic until a friendly staff member greets you. The whole experience makes you feel safe and relaxed 

Project Smile n Co

Raw Surfaces were engaged to make the walls a unique architectural feature to assist in bringing this wild opulent dream into reality.  

During the design phase, our brief was the material colours must work with the space's other features whilst still allowing each design feature to stand alone in its unique beauty. 

Xbond Microcement was chosen in our exclusive "Full Moon" colour for the texture the material provides and superior quality and adhesive properties. 

Full Moon was chosen as it is a warm white with organic tones that best reflected the brand's overall image. 

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