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The log house

Imagine an organic grout free bathroom

The only way I can describe this one-of-a-kind home is ski lodge meets modern farmhouse. 

This unique home is tucked away in the beachside country town and is a true escape from reality. 

Project overview: 

Bringing a modern twist to classic property, the goal was to bring nature into the home, utilising finishes that stand on their own as features but don't overpower the space; synergy was the key. 

Finish decided:

 Microcement - Xbond polished 

Colour - Fullmoon 

New or existing concrete? 

Existing - complete renovation of an existing home 

Scope rationale and alignment to the brief 

Microcement was used to best meet this brief for a multitude of reasons.


  • Textural and tonal variation is present in every microcement surface. Each surface is hand troweled, creating a unique surface every time; this creates a natural earthly appearance and feel. This perfectly blended with the other raw materials and finishes in the room.

  • Microcement is a breathable material meaning moisture can freely permeate in and out of the surface without risking delamination. 

Additional processes to meet the brief: 

  • Floor levels over in-floor heating in the bathroom floor to sit level with timer flooring

  • installation of brass threshold stips on doors 


A bright, seamless bathroom with a natural & organic look and feel showing homage to the home and surrounding landscapes. 

Builder: Sea bass plumbing  

Floor and wall finishes: Raw Surfaces 

photography: brayden warhurst 


Days to complete


Project Gallery

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