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The Renovator Sorrento

The renovator, redefining gym standards

Tucked into an arcade in Sorrento, you will find a gym daring to be different from typical gym culture and design.

The renovator is built on a foundation of hard work, health and helping their clients unlock their best selves without the stereotypical gymbro culture and grunge. 

Scott's approach to training, health, and quality lifestyle are present in every part of his gym and fitout, genuinely embracing the mentality of; how you do one thing is how you do everything. 

Project overview: 

After discussions with Scott, his intentions for the space & brief were clear,

the gym needs to stand out, and you need to feel great from the moment you walk in. 

Finish Decided: Terrazzo style high gloss Hiperfloor - Polished concrete. 

New or Exisiting concrete: existing concrete with an old coating and glue on it

Scope rationale and alignment to the brief 

  • The reflective property of polished concrete creates space, luxury and enhances the light in the building.  

  •  Hiperfloor/MPC is a type of polished concrete that does not require a lacker/polyurethane/acrylic or epoxy coating. Giving the surface the most significant possible abrasion and scratch resistance. This method of polished concrete also does not require curing time, allowing the tight project schedule to continue as soon as work where complete. 

  • Hiperfloor/MPC has the lowest life cycle cost of flooring solution we offer, with little to no ongoing maintenance when cleaned correctly. 

  • The polished concrete's thermal mass helps regulate the gym's temperature. 

  • Hiperfloor leaves the concrete in its most natural appearance whilst protecting the surface. 

  • Smooth glass-like texture to convey luxury and functionality 

Additional processes to meet the brief: 

  • 2x additional grinding processes to break through the solid post-tension concrete to achieve terrazzo-style polished concrete

  • 2x additional densifying process to reach maximum surface density and strength 


A luxury light-filled gym that reflects the business values of quality. This considered design helps build quality first impressions for the renovator, assisting in growing a quality community of valued clients. 

Builder: Owner-builder 

Flooring: Raw Surfaces 

photography: brayden warhurst 


Days to complete


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