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How       to clean polished concrete 


Is your current organic home remedy cleaning regime or concrete cleaning regime causing irreversible damage to your polished concrete or surface?  

Learn how remedies and chemicals actually work the answers may shock you!

Common Cleaning Methods 

What is your current cleaner really doing to your surfaces the results may shock you!


Most commonly found in homemade cleaners, i.e. (Vinegar, lemon or citrus) or heavy industrial cleaners such as hydrochloric acid & certain concrete cleaners.  

The lower the ph level = higher amounts of acid. 

Acid-based cleaning products have a Ph below 7, the lower the Ph, the higher the acid content.

Acid-based cleaning products or chemicals and are designed to dissolve inorganic matter.

Unfortunately, this also breaks down the surface simultaneously; over time, this can corrode, dull, or change your surface's colour.  



Most commonly found in household cleaners such as certain concrete cleaners, commercial cleaning products, bleach, ammonia, drain cleaner etc. 


Alkaline-based cleaning products or chemicals have a PH above 7,  the higher the number the higher the concentration of alkaline.  Alkaline based chemicals are used to break down organic matter such as fats and greases.  

Harsh cleaners of this nature do what the are meant to they break down organic matter over time they will dull bleach, corrode and dull your surface. 


Safe, soft and balanced but is water the most efficient way to clean your surface with the best results?  The short answer is no.

This is because there is no active ingredient to lift the dirt from the surface instead the dirty water is pushed across the surfaces often leaving a steaky appearance.  

Ph Scale 

Below is a ph scale expressing the ph levels of common cleaners and household products. This can be used as a helpful tool to avoid damaging your polished concrete

Ph Scale
polished concrete floor cleaner

Smarter Cleaning 

What is Raw Surfaces innovative approach to cleaning? 

Find out the safest most effective way to clean your polished concrete or hard surface?


Do not use low PH

Low PH cleaners & homemade cleaners containing acids such as lemon, vinegar, hydrochloric etc are designed to break down inorganic matter. This will also eat away and degrade most surfaces, this can happen both quickly & slowly  

Clean safer & smarter

Raw Surfaces specially formulated cleaner to effectively clean in a gentle way! 

Balanced PH, steak & soap-free formula safe for most surfaces & polished concrete 

Do not use high PH 

Classic cleaners are high in PH to break down greases, fats (organic matter).This also slowly degrades your surface


Clean smarter not harder! 

Use the right method of cleaning to suit your just.  We don't run everywear so we do we always want to clean aggressively 


Is a safe away to clean polished concrete & most surfaces but it may leave streaks or not clean away all messes and smells.   

We are just one call away 

For any additional advice products or services, Raw surfaces are just 1 call away! Contact us today 

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