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Polished Concrete and Hard Surface Cleaner PLUS (250 mL)

Our polished concrete cleaner PLUS is already mixed and reasy to spray!


What's the PLUS for?


It's because PLUS it fights mold and mildew. This is your prefered cleaner for bathrooms and laundry rooms. It's also great for concrete bench tops, counter tops, and for spot cleanining your floors.


• Neutral pH Solution leaves 0 damage ever 

  (anything else will slowly stain and corrode polished concrete)

• Safe for the Planet, Peeople, and Pets

•.Can be used to instatntly treat new stains on your polished concrete before they become permanent

• Uses enzymes, nature's most powerful cleaner

• The safest and most advanced cleaner on the market guaranteed!


Works great on all concrete, natural stone, and microcement. Destroys odours, break down grease, oil, mould, mildew and fine food waste from their original source with our proprietary PH-neutral multi-enzyme & surfactants formula 


Our advanced chemistry eliminates the need for us to use soaps & detergents which can cause a build up of grime with time that will actually hold more debris than it will remove,


Safe on any surface or even if accidentally digested.

Polished Concrete and Hard Surface Cleaner PLUS (250 mL)

GST Included
  • The only cleaner your architectural concrete benchtop deserves. 


    At Raw Surfaces we know you have spent thousands of dollars to get your dream home or business just right. Our only goal is to ensure you can have the right products to correctly maintain and protect your investments, unlike most traditional cleaning products Raw Surfaces exclusive concrete & natural stone are non-acidic or alkaline making them the only non-corossive method of cleaning. 

The untold truth about maintaining polish concrete and many other surfaces. 

Is your current maintenance regime actually damage than good?

The new way to clean

What is so innovative about Raw Surfaces Polish Concrete and Hard Surface Cleaner?

Why will this improve my cleaning and save me time?

Application methods

What is the best way to affectively clean your surface?

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